Kids – April 1

Kids – April 1

The Triumphal Entry

Matthew 21:1-11

1. Gather as a family and watch this video.

If you have kids of all ages encourage them to join in too and do this as a whole family.

2. Read the Scripture listed above.

Allow your child to read aloud if they are able. Take turns reading parts of it. You can also read the pages in the Jesus Storybook Bible if you have preschoolers. Or do both! Whatever works for your family. And even if they struggle to be still, push through and do it anyway. You never know what they are picking up.

3. Discussion Questions.
Talk with each other and answer together. Feel free to skip questions if you think they are over your child’s head.

  • If someone came and started to take our family car and told us “the Lord needs it”, what would you think?
  • Do you think it took faith for the donkey owner to allow the disciples to borrow his donkeys?
  • Why did it matter that Jesus rode on a donkey?
    (It showed His humility; it fulfilled what the Scripture said. Have older kids read Zechariah 9:9.)
  • Why did the crowd lay their cloaks and palm branches on the ground? What type of attitude did that show toward Jesus? (Possible answers: to show respect and honor — compare to the “Red Carpet” treatment)
  • What do you think the word Hosanna means? (“Lord, save us” or “Salvation”)
  • What are some ways we show respect today?
  • How can we show honor to God?

4. Pray.

  • Thank Jesus for the way He came humbly as a servant.
  • Ask God to help you honor Him.

5. Worship. Listen, sing along, and dance to the songs below:

Praise Hymn