Kids – May 13

Kids – May 13

Kindness and Gentleness
Biblical Example: The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37

1. Gather as a family and watch this video.

If you have kids of all ages encourage them to join in too and do this as a whole family.

2. Read the Scripture listed above.

Allow your child to read aloud if they are able. Take turns reading parts of it. Whatever works for your family. And even if they struggle to be still, push through and do it anyway. You never know what they are picking up.

3. Discussion Questions. Talk with each other and answer together. Feel free to skip questions if you think they are over your child’s head.

  • How would you explain what it means to be kind / gentle? (Using words to encourage others. Not yelling or losing your temper, but controlling your anger. Looking for opportunities to help / serve one another. Answering with nice words and tone of voice. Showing care for someone above yourself. A good synonym is compassion!)
  • How did the Good Samaritan show gentleness / kindness to the man who was hurt?
  • Is it easy or hard for you to be kind / gentle? (Now’s a good time for you as parents to model humility! Confess some times / ways you have struggled to be gentle or kind.)
  • Why do you think God wants us to be kind and gentle? (Because He is kind to us, and He wants us to share that with the whole world!)
  • What are some ways God is kind/gentle to us? (The Bible says that the Lord’s kindness is what leads us to repentance. He gives us mercy — compassionate forgiveness — for our sin.)
  • Who is someone you can show kindness and gentleness to this week? (Maybe a sibling, friend, family member or neighbor.)
  • Remind your child that just like the other Fruits of the Spirit we have been talking about, we need God to help us grow in kindness and gentleness. Those fruits come from a relationship with Him!

4. Pray.

  • Thank God for His kindness to us.
  • Ask God to help you grow in gentleness and kindness.

5. Worship. Listen, sing along, and dance to the songs below: