Kids – May 27

Kids – May 27

The Faithful Hall of Fame

Launching a new Bible Memory Challenge!

  1. Gather as a family and watch this video!
    If you have kids of all ages encourage them to join in too and do this as a whole family.
  2. Read Hebrews 11
    Allow your child to read aloud if they are able. Take turns reading parts of it. Whatever works for your family. And even if they struggle to be still, push through and do it anyway. You never know what they are picking up.
  3. Discussion Questions.
    Talk with each other and answer together. This week’s discussion is light because we are encouraging you as a family to begin memorizing Hebrews 11! See below for contest rules!
    • What did all of the people listed in Hebrews 11 have in common? (FAITH—they believed God!)
    • What does it mean for us to have faith? (We trust God even when we can’t see what He is doing.)
  4. Pray
    • Spend some time asking God to help you trust Him for the things going on in your life.
    • Ask God to give you faith like the “heroes” listed in Hebrews 11.
  5. Sing

Hebrews 11 Bible Memory Challenge

Deadline: Wednesday, June 24

  • Help your child memorize as much of Hebrews 11 as possible.
  • Record your child reciting the passage from memory.
  • Post on social media (#wjkidshalloffame) or email to
  • All participants will be added to our WJ Hall of Fame, and the child/family who memorizes the most will receive a Grand Prize!