Students – June 10 & 17

Students – June 10 & 17

Hey Parents and Students!

As you may know, we are still meeting online with students. We are going to do this in two ways: YouTube Live and Instagram Live. Wednesday services will take place at 6:15 PM, and we are going to be live streaming our time together by studying and discussing God’s Word, playing a short game on screen, and interacting with students by answering their questions that they ask in the chat.

  • YouTube: Our evening service will take place on YouTube. In order to join in, go to our West Jackson Students YouTube channel and click the link that says (Wednesday Night Live – June 10, 2020). If you or your student has a Gmail email account, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos. Click Here to Find Our West Jackson Students YouTube Channel.
  • Instagram: If your student already has Instagram, they will receive a notification that states West Jackson Students is live. Follow Us: @westjacksonstudents

Our Student Ministry Staff and Leaders cannot wait to worship and connect together! We will also spend time in prayer for camp that is coming up this summer!


Josh Ward
Student Pastor