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When West Jackson began in 1906, our founding members met together with a common goal: reaching the world for Christ. That day, they pooled their money and raised $10 so the Gospel could spread beyond the four walls of their meeting place.

With that first meeting, they set the wheels in motion for a long tradition of making sacrifices so the news of Jesus could spread. Today as we celebrate the multiple generations represented in our church, we build on that history of giving as we work together to leave a legacy for future generations.

On the page below, you’ll learn more about some needs our long-range planning team has identified that we believe we can meet if we work together! Please join me in praying about how you can be a part of this exciting season in the life of our church.

Looking ahead together,

Andy Neely
Lead Pastor




Need #1: Improving the function of our current building

Our current facility has served us well for 22 years, but as our church has grown and changed so have the ways we use our space. There are currently several spaces in our church which could be better utilized with some improvements.

One area that we hope to improve is our Fellowship Hall. The high ceilings and boxy layout currently create acoustic challenges for large events and make the room difficult to heat and cool.

By lowering the ceiling, creating a small platform with built-in A/V systems, and updating the style of the room, we’ll be able to more effectively host events in this space.

WorshipCenterWe also hope to make some improvements to our worship center. We plan to convert all of our lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures, which will give us greater control of the room lighting and save money over time. Upgraded audio equipment will disperse sound more evenly and increase the quality of our worship services. We also hope to replace our current analog video equipment with HD digital cameras. These changes will greatly improve both our Sunday services and our weekly broadcast which reaches our immediate community and beyond!


Need #2: Increasing Safety & Accountability

Each week, many people flow in and out of our building: Child Development Center and Mother’s Day Out families, Courts members, staff, church members, and guests. With the current layout of our facility, many entrances to the building must be left unlocked and easily accessible.

OfficeBy reallocating some of our spaces and extending our current office suite, we will be able to limit the number of available entrances during the week, while also bringing our staff closer together for greater accountability and collaboration.


Need #3: Updating our building to fuel our mission

From the very beginning, our church’s primary concern has been the spread of the gospel. It is our hope that with some updates to the style and function of our facility, we would be able to reach more guests with the message that Jesus died and rose again that they might be saved. This is the greatest news we could tell them, and this is why we hope to make changes to our building!

Moving our preschool space and creating an open, convenient check-in area will help us make a great first impression with guest families.

Updating our bathrooms and flooring in the hallways may seem like minor improvements, but can make a big impact by bringing those spaces up to the level of quality found throughout our facility.



How can we meet these needs?

Where will the money come from?

» Total project cost is approximately $3 million.
» Our church is currently debt-free.
» $600k would come from the Nolen Fund (leaving $250k in that fund).
» $400k would come from anticipated funds given through the Renovation Budget Line.
» We hope to raise the remaining $2 million through the Generations Campaign over three years beginning in January 2020.