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  • Sundays @ West Jackson | Bible Study: 9:00 a.m. | Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.

Global Partners


Pray for our international partners as we help them advance God’s Kingdom to men and women from every nation, language, and tribe.

Meet Our Global Partners 

India (South Asia)

West Jackson is committed to a strategic partnership through the International Mission Board to reach a people group in rural India. Needs include building wells, training and encouraging pastors and church families, discipleship and more.

  • Level 4 | Men and Women
  • Old Cost $1800-$2000
  • New Cost: $900-$1000
  • Description: Evangelism, Pastor training/encouragement, and church planting
Guatemala (Central America)

We recently began a new partnership with Guatemala.

  • Level 3 | Men and Women
  • New Cost: $1200 – $1500
  • Old Cost: $2,000 – $2,500
  • Description: Construction
Ethiopia (East & Central Africa)

Over the years, West Jackson has sent members to Ethiopia through our connection to Indigenous Outreach International. IOI has been supporting and training pastors and planting churches in Ethiopia since 1999.

  • Level 4 | Men
  • Old Cost: $2200-$2500
  • New Cost: $1350-$1500
  • Contact: Russ Cooper ([email protected])
  • Description: Construction and Evangelism
France (Western Europe)

In Fall 2019 West Jackson sent out our first missionaries from within our church. Paul and Abby Helms will be helping plant new English-speaking churches in Paris, France with Emmanuel International Church and their Plant Paris vision. 

  • Level 3 | Men and Women
  • Contact: Alan Teel
  • Description: Relational Evangelism, Special Projects

Other International Opportunities

Thailand (Southeast Asia)

West Jackson members began traveling to Pattaya, Thailand in 2005 partnering with the IMB’s Southern Cross Project. The Southern Cross project distributes Bibles to Chinese nationals visiting Thailand on holiday.

  • Contact: Ben and Karen McLeary ([email protected])
  • Description: Village evangelism and kids club meetings in the rural province of Chaiyaprum in NE, Thailand